Monday, February 9

Baby Updates...

For the next week or so the baby updates will be on (this is Matt's blog). I will be back to blogging shortly.


Monday, November 3

Shout Out to My Love

Yesterday was my hubbie's 26th birthday and boy he has never looked hotter. I've always heard people that have been married for years and years say that they love their spouse more and more each day. I'm now realizing how true that really is. I think the reason for this is that each day you have together you have time to find something new about them that you absolutely adore.

There are so many things about Matt that make my heart flip flop and wow the hormones are kicking in because I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it. One of my favorite things is his sense of humor. He constantly keeps me laughing whether it's with his impressions or his one line zingers. Another thing that has always drawn me to him, besides his incredible good looks, is his confidence. Matt knows who he is and what God has made him to be and he's great with it. He takes that confidence with him in whatever he does. I believe that's why he excels at so many things.

The thing that means the most to me is that he is a godly leader in our home. He makes it easy for me as his wife to do my biblical role and submit. His love is so evident to me in all his actions and every decision he makes. I have full confidence that he will take care of me.

With this new stage in our relationship I've discovered how great of a dad he is going to make. I never knew that Matt would want to be so involved in each detail of our pregnancy. He'll never know how much that has meant to me.

I'm sure that this blog is starting to make you feel ackward Matt because your love language is not words of affirmation, but I just want you to know that you're extremely loved and appreciated and I'm so blessed to have you as my partner in crime.

Happy Birthday Baby! I love you!

Thursday, October 23

Pregnant Brain (by Matt Bryant)

I am writing this on behalf of my wife whose brain has slowly become less focused over the past few weeks. A symptom that we will refer to as 'pregnant brain.' Pregnant brain seems to manifest itself in much the same way as what some people refer to as a person who is a dumb blonde. This does not affect complex problem solving or even the ability to preform advanced physics calculations. However, it only affects the most simple and common sense situations. Here are a few examples.

1. Burma Bombing - My wife and I where watching TV when we came across a news channel with the following subtitle on the screen: "Burma Bombing - 25 years later." My wife, obviously suffering from Pregnant Brain looks at me and asked. "Who is Burma Bombing?" As if there where a new presidential candidate she hadn't heard about.

2. Odd Questions - A few nights ago my wife and I where lying in bed talking and my wife ask. "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the opposite sex?" "No" I responded using my most masculine voice. "Yea, me neither." she said back.

3. Complete sentences - As we where watching game 1 of the world series the announcer commented on fans who where using cowbells to help cheer on their team. Apparently the word 'Cowbell' triggers enthusiasm from pregnant women. I assume that my wife had intend to pose the question. "Why do they have cowbells?" instead this is what came out.
" Iraq...cow...bells...why...why...they have....bells?"

More to come later.

Thursday, October 2

I know I know I'm terrible with keeping this thing updated. Good news though, I come bearing pictures from our beach trip with Matt's family.

Before we get into looking at pictures, I must explain my great passion for the beach. I know that most people enjoy the beach, but there's something inside me that absolutely loves the beach. Every summer since I was 4 months old I have gone to the beach. There's something about the smell, the breeze, the sand and, of course, the water. My family and I seem to go absolutely goofy when we start talking about the beach. It kind of reminds me of Yoda when he smells peanut butter.

Every time when we get ready to cross over the big high rise bridge we roll all of our windows down and take in the beach air. My sister and I use to see who could get a glimpse of the ocean first and the funny thing is I still like to be the first one to see it no matter who's in the car with me.

As I thought of my huge obsession with the beach, I realized what made the beach so special to me. My family, that's what made it the great experience it was and will always be. When I picture the beach many times I think of boogie boarding with my dad and sister, walking down the beach with my whole family, watching and laughing as my dad would annoy my mom as she tried to lay out, catching crabs at night, floating in our black and yellow boat, fishing and just hanging at 24/7 with my funny, loving absolutely incredible family. I get so excited thinking about our little boy getting to experience the beach with my family. Each and every trip will always hold a very special place in my heart. We might be like the "Griswold's," as Matt has described us, but we know how to have a good time at the beach and make awesome memories.

So now that you've read my rant about the beach, here are some pictures. Oh and if anyone has a beach house that they need for someone to occupy for a week, I'll be glad to help you out with that.

Unkie Matt and Caden chillaxin together.

Family Picture

Matt and Caden building sandcastle or Matt builds castle and Caden knocks down. Don't worry he only cried a little bit...Matt that is.

My 5 month pregger belly on the beach.

Caden in his safari hat getting ready to hit the beach.

Precious baby Caden footprint...I mean melt my heart.

Friday, September 5

It's a .....

BOY! We're having a little baby boy! We have officially become members of the boy club. I know everyone was thinking that we were having a girl because of the boy trend we've had over the past couple of years, but it looks like we're adding another boy to the nursery at Rich Fork. I could not be any more excited. Being in that ultrasound room was so surreal. I just kept looking at Matt in amazement. Our little boy was was sweet on the video the doctor made for us we could see him moving around, opening his mouth, sucking on his thumb and waving at us. I couldn't believe that we were actually meeting our child. I've had an overwelming feeling of gratefulness ever since we left the doctor yesterday morning. This is the child that God has put in our care, that He specifically made for Matt and I to love on this earth.

Besides extreme gratefulness, other thoughts have popped in my head since yesterday. First, how could anyone not believe in God if they've ever experience an ultrasound? Which goes along with, how can people say that a baby is not a human being at that point? It makes no sense, we can see it with our eyes. My second thought, will I be a good mom to our little boy? Lately I've felt bombarded with so many different decisions to made before he's even born, such as, what pediatrics to use, and spacing out shots. Am I qualified to makes these decisions? Whew, sometimes the feeling of inadequacy is too much.

It's a good thing that God didn't ask us to do this whole parent thing on our own. Besides having Him, which is most important, he has given me an awesome family and friends who are here to walk with me every step of the way. Another thing to be grateful for.

I'll try in the next week to post some pictures and videos of our day at the doctor.